Smoked Trout

Smoked Trout is an absolute delight. Although most supermarket Trout is sourced from Eastern Europe there is a wide selection of excellent home grown Trout that is full of flavour and excellent value for money. 

We offer Whole Hot Smoked Trout (From Lincolnshire) Hot smoked Trout Fillet (Also from Lincolnshire) Traditional Cold (Oak) Smoked Trout Fillets, Large Chalkstream Trout from Hampshire (Seasonal Availability) and Norwegian Fijord Sea Trout from sustainable sources in Northern Norway.

the fish is soft and subtle and we offer both hot and cold smoked fish. Our Whole Hot Smoked Trout are about 300 gram + before smoking, They are from the clear chalkstream waters of the Lincolnshire wolds. 

Our Cold smoked Trout is also from prime Rainbow stock and we now offer a Fijord Trout which is more similar to Salmon in its character.

So we are delighted to offer a unique range of smoked Trout.with a choice of flavours and textures

  • Belleau Bridge is a family run Trout Farm in Lincolnshire, their fish are soft and flavoursome. They are good sized fish and they are offered as whole hot smoked or as fillets. Either way they are fabulous eating.
  • Our Sea Trout (Salmo trutta) are generally Norwegian Fjord fish, they are reared in the same way the Salmon is and offer a flavour and texture of a larger sea fish. They are available as whole sides cold smoked, and as hot smoked (kiln roasted) sides and  portions.
  • Chalkstream Trout are raised in the rivers of Hampshire, they are exceptionally large fish given time to grow and develop in fast flowing rivers. We offer whole smoked fish (sides) uncut or "D" Sliced and Hot Smoked sides and portions.

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