Smoked Salmon with Mustard Seed

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Our cold smoked Salmon with Mustard Seed takes on the unique flavour and character of traditional Oak smoking. They are smoked by hand, the old fashioned way. Our Salmon is Prime Scottish, Superior grade fish from sustainable sources. We hand fillet and pinbone each fish before curing it with high grade Kosher mineral salt for at least 8 hours to add flavour and draw the moisture out. After rinsing and chilling we dry the fish and hang in the smokehouse. Not just any smokehouse, but our 150 year old Kipper smokehouse. The fires burn slowly, very slowly for up to 36 hours and the flavour permiates the fish. After removal and chilling we "D" cut the Salmon and add pure Mustard Seed and organic ground Mustard before vacuum packing to preserve the freshness. 

The whole side "D" cut Salmon is sliced right down to the skin so you can peel off the slices as you desire.

Our Smoked Salmon with Dill is available in 200g packs or whole sides, you can choose to have it "D" cut or uncut, whichever you prefer.

Whole sides run to about 1.2 to 1.4 Kilos in weight.

This product is certified Kosher 

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