Smoked Salmon

We cure and smoke a great range of Salmon including Traditional Oak Smoked and Kiln Roast Salmon. 

All sourced from approved Scottish farms. Our Salmon is bought fresh daily and filleted by hand. We only use ever superior grade Salmon. We offer a traditional Smoked Salmon with a truly remarkable flavour using a 36 hour Oak smoking method.  These are available in a range of flavours including Tradtional Smoke, Gin Cure, Mustard or Dill. They are supplied as 200g vacuum packs or whole sides, sliced or unsliced.

Our Hot (or Kiln Roast) Salmon, is cut from the same quality Salmon but into thick portions that weigh in at between 180 and 200 grams. Again, we offer a range of flavours from natuaral Oak smoke, Honey, Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Chilli Flake.

200g is generally sufficient for two starter sizes or one main course. Our Salmon can be served straight from the pack or gently warmed to bring out a different flavour and consistency.  Our traditional (cold smoked) Salmon is often trimmed and dropped into scrambled egg with a drop of Worcestershire or Tobasco sauce for a real special breakfast.

Salmon remains one of the healthiest meal options around, rich in Omega 3 low in cholesterol, fibre and fat and goes well with a wide range of carbohydrates, salads and sauces. 

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