Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets Traditionally Smoked - 150 - 200g

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MACKEREL  (Scomber scombrus)

Hot smoked, hand cut, large Mackerel fillets smoked in hot kilns over seasoned Oak. Our Mackerel fillets are certainly recognised as both flavoursome and a proper size. Two fillets per pack are enough for a hearty and healthy meal or two good sized starters. 

Mackerel is an excellent all round fish especially popular in the Summer months but now available all year round. The fish is rich in Omega 3 Oils which is not degraded in our gentle smoking process where the product never goes over 100 degrees.

Our traditionally smoked Mackerel fillets are increasingly popular and now we have extended the range to include Cracked Black Pepper, Beetroot & Horseradish and one or two more interesting flavours for the adventurous palate.

A simple pate

The always popular Mackerel Pate uses a fillet of hot smoke mackerel with the skin removed, rough mashed with a fork or blender, with cream, (or creme fraiche), cracked pepper, lemon juice and zest (not the white pith) and a touch of horseradish (grated or creamed). Mix into a thick pate and use immediately if made with double cream of keep for a couple of days refrigerated if using the creme fraiche option. Serve with warm buttered toast or brioche, Melba bread or crostini and a sprig of something green (Coriander or Dill).


Two Mackerel fillets supplied in vacuum sealed bags for extended shelf life up to 3 weeks if kept refrigerated. 3Kg box contains approximately 15 twin vacuum packed portions

Product can be frozen but do so as soon as possible and well within use by date.


Product contains bones - Keep Refrigerated - Use within 3 days of opening - Do not use if vacuum seal is broken - Pinboned products are available by special order.



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