Tabboule Trio

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A gift selection of three Middle Eastern Sauces including a Hot ZHUG, a Tangy AMBA and a North African Classic FILFEL CHUMA


A locally produced Yemini spicy blend of very distinct characher. This is a hot sauce made with chilli, garlic, coriander and middle eastern spices. This blend is fresh, hot, tasty, delicious and versatile. Simply used as a table sauce for the brave, or as a dip by adding chopped tomatoes, sour cream or mayo. Rub it into fresh fish or meat before cooking to add a lively flavour. Add to stocks and soups to add a depth of character and heat. It can be used neat but not for the faint heated so try a little before deciding how hot you really like.


Described as a Tangy Iraqui Turmeric Sauce; well I've never met a Tangy Iraqi but this sauce is definitely unique and flavoursome. Refered to as the "Crown of Middle Eastern Sauces", it is the base of many Eastern dishes. It's a Tangy Turmeric and Mustard sauce that will "take your taste buds for a ride" 

In classic Iraqui cuisine, it is often served with seafood, meat kebabs, and eggs. 

In Saudi, it is often served bread and goats cheese with a meat platter. 

In Israel it is served as a Falafel topping  and in Shawama and Sabich sandwiches. 

Who'd have thought its just as popular in East Anglia as it is in East Asia.


North African Sauce thats well worth the journey.

Morrocan Garlic and Pepper Paste. It is the typical example of the hot sauces used in Libyan and Jewish Cusine, it is used as a condiment and an ingredient to many dishes. This is avery versatile product that is often mixed with fish to bring out flavour and character. Infused into salad dressings and used in dips for rice, meats, soups, stocks and tagines. It does more than tickle your taste buds.  

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