Gin Cured Smoked Salmon

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Delighted to introduce our latest addition to the Waveney Valley Smokehouse family. Our Gin Cured Smoked Salmon was conceived in partnership with a local world famous distillery and its very highly rated kitchen. Between us we developed a completely new tradition. First we fillet prime Salmon and remove all the pinbones. Then we cure it with a blend of Salt & Sugars before lighly smoking it in our ancient kilns. After it is removed and chilled we slice the salmon and place it in a vacuum pouch with a unique blend of herbs spices, aromatics and of course Premium Gin. We add Juniper berries and fresh Coriander, seal the pouch and leave it to cure for a few more days in a cool dark place. After this we pack and ship it to our best discerning customers !

We offer 200g packs and whle sides that are always larger than 1 Kg. Sides can be supplied uncut for you to slice thinly at home or pre cut to the skin for dinner parties or home catering. 

Please note this product may take 3 days between order and shipping.

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