(62858) Gravalax (Dill & Herb) Cured Salmon

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Gravalax (Dill & Herb) Cured Salmon Sliced (Salmo salar) (62858)

Gravalax (or Gravadlax or Gravlax) is a traditional way of curing Salmon in Scandanavian cultures. In the UK we traditionally cook or cure using smoke. In colder climates it is normal to simply "salt cure" the product and store it for several weeks. Its never clear if its the cure or the low temperature or both that protects the fish but either way the raw product has to be excellent in the first place.

Our Gravalax is cut from sashimi grade Scottish Salmon, we fillet and pinbone and then cover in our own Gravalax Cure comprising Dill, Coriander, Kosher Salt, and Blended Sugars. We then place the fish in a vacuum system so that the cure penetrates the fish and chill it for at least for 3 days. At the end of that process we drain the juices from the fish. This process has the effect of reducing the water content and adding the flavour of the herbs.  

The second stage of curing is designed to add even more character and flavour to the Salmon. We use a second cure of Salt, Sugar, Dill, Corinader, Fennel, Cracked Pepper and some Cirtus (mixture of dried and freshly grated lemons. limes and orange) We add this to the sliced Gravalax and then pack for distribution so that the second cure is working right up to the point you open it.

We do take every care to remove the bones from fish, but please be aware sometimes a few remain.


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