Lowestoft is a town famous for many things (including a bad press) 

It has a rich history dating from neolithic times, a colourful fishing tradition going back a thousand years but more importantly, a bright future. 

Like any place, stories abound, battles were fought, bombs were dropped and feelings ran high in the last 100 years but there is a new energy behind the scenes and more and more people are looking to the future and making the most of the town, its environment and surroundings.

Whether its a holiday or a career move Lowestoft represents a good place to come, the broads, the marshes, the sea and the beaches make it interesting place to be.   

Lowestoft - Past

Lowestoft is a town with a history, in fact not many people know that the earliest evidence of man in Northern Europe is in fact at Pakefield near Lowestoft's South Beach. some 700,000 years ago.. 

All I need to do now is prove that "Early Man" smoked Herring and I can claim we invented the Kipper... But at the moment I can only prove that Herring was smoked in Lothingland (Lowestoft) in 1599 (Thomas Nashe - Lentern) Ignoring the reference to Yarmouth..

Lowestoft - Present

Today, Lowestoft is a different story. 

I will build a reference of interesting facts and maps here but in the meantime to bring you bang up to date with the town's Master Plan..  Lowestoft is attracting a lot of attention, for good reason. It is fast becoming a center for offshore wind energy. With the arrival of high technology business will come innovation, education, and improved leisure facilities. There is a whole package of ideas, vision and plans spearheaded by a few good people who are committed to making the town an exciting place to live, work and visit.

Lowestoft - Future

When you have browsed the MASTER PLAN - come back and buy a kipper on line, or better still come and pick one up - stretch your legs and stretch your mind.

Lowestoft on You Tube

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