Christmas 2020

It's proving an "Interesting" year; for all of us. 

When we first heard in February that a global pandemic was about to hit, we didn't know if our business would survive. 30 % of our customers were in the Foodservice industry that's Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Food Distribution companies. 

Within 4 weeks that entire part of our business disappeared and we faced some tough decisions. 

We are a family business and have a team around us that's hard working, loyal and committed.  We faced the daunting reality that we would probably need to make changes. We already had a website and some loyal followers, we had contracts with some fantastic partners supplying fresh fish door to door and we had an excellent relationship with some great local supermarkets, deli's and farm shops. We took the decision to keep going and see what happened.

We adapted to a new style of buisness and worked with customers and partners that were driven by the same goals, aspirations and committments we had. You could tell which were motivated by need, and which were motivated by greed.

Our business survived thanks to our staff and our customers.

Now we all face a Christmas of uncertainty, where families may not be together and luxuries might be in short supply. We have given some thought to this and have changed our Christmas plans. Smoked Food Christmas Hampers are certainly a luxury, but this year it's time to give something back, so we have cut the price of our hampers and will make a donation to charity in the new year based on the profit, that's not to say we are doing it for nothing, but we are doing it for less, with our heartfelt thanks to the people who deserve it our customers and our staff. So we will do what we always do - make the best of it and look to humour to carry us through. 

Anyway, In an effort to cheer everyone up some of our team have come up with a bunch of CHRISTMAS CRACKERS - Awful jokes that we will print off and put in every hamper sold, a selection of which appear here... 

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