27Sep Kosher Foods From Waveney Valley Smokehouse

Consumer choice is becoming more important in the food production industry. Kosher and Halal probably dates back 3,000 years, it is without doubt the oldest food safety system around. It even pre-dates the Environmental Health Offiice. It was and is still a set of rules that governs and guides all aspects of food safety. Today we understand food borne illness better than ever before but thousands of years ago food spoilage killed people all the time. The elders figured out that some foods were much more dangerous than others, that preparation and storage was key to eating safely. The rules that emerged were simple, effective and prescriptive.

During our certification process the Rabbi said something that stuck in my mind. "If the world ate Kosher we would not have had Coronavirus" This assumes that the virus did cross the species barrier which seems likely, but it crossed the barrier from animals that would never have been consumed by humans (Bats, Snakes, Pangolin) Thats not to say that transmission could not have happened some other way but its a point worth thinking about.

Nowadays we understand more about bacteria, food preparation, refrigeration, vacuum packing and modified atmospheres but the fact remains that Kosher is a standard that reflects culture and is designed to keep people safe. We took the decision to certify for Kosher because we wanted to offer our products to a wider range of consumers but it provides us with a new standard that keeps u focused on the right things.

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