27Sep Kosher Foods From Waveney Valley Smokehouse

Consumer choice is becoming more important in the food production industry. Kosher and Halal probably dates back 3,000 years, it is without doubt the oldest food safety system around. It even pre-dates the Environmental Health Offiice. It was and is still a set of rules that governs and guides all…

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19May A better way to buy local

A new approach to making "Local" work. The Nearbuying concept was created 4 years ago in response to local customer needs. Now, more than ever, we have seen customer habits and needs change, more people want to spend less time in the supermarkets and are realising that local choice is not only…

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24Apr In pursuit of the perfect Kipper

The technique of "Curing" products prior to smoking is a key step in the process of producing long life products. Originally, curing was simply a technique to change the physical and chemical characteristics of the product to avoid "spoilage" Other common techniques, prior to refrigeration, were "Pickling" "Sousing" and simple "Salting"…

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