Smoked Trout - Belleau Bridge (Lincolnshire)

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Belleau Bridge Trout

Farmed by Simon & Ginny Harrop in the chalk streams of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Belleau Bridge has a great reputation for full flavoured trout. We supply Belleau Bridge Trout both as whole fish and as fillets to our commercial and private customers. We hot smoke these Rainbow Trout using seasoned Norfolk Oak shavings and dust to add character and flavour to the product. While whole fish are hot smoked "on the bone" and maintain a soft texture we also offer hot smoke Trout Fillets for those that prefer the subtle flavour of Trout without having to bone out the fish before or during service.

Our Belleau Bridge Trout are available as naturally smoked or with Garlic or Cracked Pepper.

Supplied in a twin pack (two fish / four fillets) vacuum sealed and shipped to most destinations overnight in the UK

Serving Suggestions :

Whole hot smoked Trout can be served straight from the pack or warmed through for 10 minutes in a 180 degree oven. Garnished with lemon slices and served with a Green or Roquette salad, New potatoes and a light balsamic or mayonnaise dressing it makes a beautiful summer lunch or dinner.   

Our Trout fillets  could be served with a light lemon sauce or dressing with fresh green salad, or rice and diced mixed bell peppers with a light Paprika dust.

Nutrition Data

Calories220 kCals / 920 kJoules
Saturated Fats1.5g

Product Information

Product contains bones

Allergy : Contains Fish (Oncorhynchus mykiss

Cooking: Ready to Eat or Warm Through

Storage: Use by date on pack (normally two weeks refrigerated unopened), Product will Freeze

Delivery Information

Normally ships within two to three days. Either by courier or Royal Mail Overnight. Contract deliveries via DFDS, Cornwall or Similar, Local deliveries by our transport, regional deliveries via contract delivery service.

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