Smoked Mackerel

Our Smoked Mackerel Fillets are sold throughout the country and are becoming increasingly popular among people who look for quality. Flavour, oil content, size and cut all contribute to an outstanding product. We smoke all our fish with seasoned English Oak from local forests and wood mills. Our Mackerel is cut from large 350 + gram fish caught from sustainable stock in the East part of the North Atlantic. (FAO 27) 

In our smokehouse we cut and brine the fillets in kosher salt mined and fine graded for good flavour and consistency. We chill and if necessary add flavours such as cracked black pepper, grated beetroot and horseradish, Chilli, or Rosemary & Garlic to name a few. 

They are cooked using hot Oak smoke and then rapidly chilled and packed in vacuum sealed pouches before being shipped to shops, restaurants and high quality fish merchants around the country.

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