Smoked Duck Breast

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Hot Smoked Duck Breast uses a blend of hard and fruit woods in a hot kiln to produce a distinctive, ready to eat product. Cooking the duck is quite a careful process as it needs to reach a safe core temperature without becoming dry and tough. This is achieved by using a slow cook technique where the kiln is controlled to 88 degrees and the product is cooked slowly until the right temperature is achieved. Alternative techniques to tenderise the meat include hot smoking followed by vacuum packing and then using sous vide at 78 degrees until the meat is cooked through but still pink in colour in the middle.

It's this combination of old and modern techniques that allow flavour, texture and food safety to be assured. 

We offer both farmed and local duck breast. The local Mallard is a smaller breast with a slightly more "gamey" flavour, the Barbary duck is a plumper breast with a good consistent flavour. Both are supplied in vacuum sealed packs, are ready to eat and must be kept refrigerated.  

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