Cured Smoked Salmon - Whole Sides and Packs

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Developed initially for a world class restaurant in Suffolk, our range of spirit Cured Smoked Salmon is now available direct from the smokehouse in 200g, 500g and Whole Side (1 kg+) packs.

Using spirits to cure Salmon is not new however our technique is. We cure the Salmon using mineral salt before gently smoking over natural Oak in our 150 year old kilns. After a light smoke the Salmon is removed from the kilns, chilled and is then soaked in the spirit and herb liquor for 3 days. It is then sliced (or left whole) and is allowed to mature in the pack giving a deep and distinctive cure.

Our Gin cure uses local Gin and botanicals from Europe, Africa and Asia. It brings a distinctive character to any meal or starter with a flavour of Juniper, selected herbs, peppers, unrefined cane sugar and citrus zest.

Our Whisky Cure uses a Scottish Malt Whisky with added herbs, light spices, botanicals, and sugars to bring a unique flavour profile to the Salmon.  

Both products are available as Whole sides, uncut or "D" cut to the skin, or in 200g packs "D" cut.

  • Cured in Pack Smoked Salmon Sliced (Salmo salar)
  • This product is ready to heat or enjoy straight from the pack 
  • Catch Area FAO Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast) Farmed . Scotland or Norway
  • Approx serving size 50 g 
  • Use within 3 days of opening. 
  • Suitable for home freezing
  • Please beware this product may contain bones 
  • Allergens Include Fish

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